“I just listened to the interview you gave on Médium Large last spring and I am truly touched by your work. Don’t give up!!!”

 Anonyme, Montréal

“I want to thank you for the work you do. I learned of you through the show Naufragés des Villes .
Thank you for bringing dignity back to your users.”

 Marie Longpré, Montréal

“Congratulations for your beautiful work. We enjoyed reading about you in the Métro newspaper. Congratulations Richard!”

 Marie-Claude & Joseph, Montréal

“The services you offer are very interesting. I like that they allow homeless people to keep or build a link with their families and communities and also to receive government services that require an address.”

 Katherine D’Avignon, Montréal

“Thank you for your work, I know people who benefited from it and today they are out of the streets.”

 Anonyme, Montréal

“Hello, I am in grade 11, in the International Program. As part of my personal project, I am donating to you the funds I raised thanks from the sale of bags that I hand-crafted out of old damaged clothing.”

 Marine, Montréal