Last May, « Le Sac à Dos a » launched La Brigade verte, a project for social and professional reinsertion for people who are homeless or who risk becoming homeless.
We wish to thank L’Œuvre Léger, without whom this project could not have been realized.

Thanks to Julien Jolin and his colleague Jonathan at P.A.I.R. for these video clips illustrating the contribution of the Green Brigade to keep the borough of Ville-Marie, le Quartier des spectacles and its surroundings clean.
We invite you to watch and share them !

« Le Sac à Dos » is happy to present its video clips that Shock Films produced, with the collaboration of the members of the PARSE . These video clips will serve to raise awareness among the population of the different problems homeless people have. Do not hesitate to share these clips and give your comments.

First video clip.

Second video clip.

Third video clip.