Mission, Core Values and Guiding Principles


Our aim is to facilitate the social and economic reinsertion of homeless individuals and those in danger of becoming homeless. We promote reinsertion by providing concrete transitional services in collaboration and partnership with both community and government networks as well as our immediate surroundings.

Core values

Respect: Le Sac à Dos respects the personal rhythm and abilities of its users and staff.

Empathy: Le Sac à Dos practices openness and active listening, and is non-judgmental in welcoming and assisting its users.

Rigour: Le Sac à Dos is coherent and consistent in managing all business matters and interventions.

Transparency: Le Sac à Dos is fully transparent in all its dealings with staff, users, sponsors and partners.

Commitment: Le Sac à Dos, in order to find suitable solutions, adopts a collaborative approach based on dialog with public agencies, the community, its partners, staff and users.

Guiding Principles

1- LSAD promotes services which take into consideration the whole human being;

2- LSAD seeks out innovative solutions to meet the needs of the homeless, strengthening personal abilities by empowering the user;

3- LSAD takes every opportunity to improve the life conditions of its users and at the same time increase the quality of its interventions and assessments;

4- LSAD, by adopting a flexible organisational model, guarantees that it will be able to continue to provide meaningful aid for its users;

5- LSAD advocates solutions arrived at through consultation with other organisations in the sector;

6- LSAD honours its responsibilities towards its sponsors, donors and the various levels of government.