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Built in 2011, across from the day center, Le Sac à Dosstudios offer social housing for 15 tenants. Tenants are provided with resources and community support to encourage them to remain housed and to continue their integration process. Our studio apartments are recognized by the Rent Supplement Program managed by the Office Municipal d’Habitation de Montreal. Tenants pay a rent equivalent to 25% of their revenue, plus $30.90 for cable TV and insurance.


We work to ensure that our tenants make daily progress in developing their inter-personal lives, and whenever possible, their professional lives as well. Having housing stability with support if needed, is one of the first steps in the reintegration process. Therefore, it is a natural extension of our reintegration efforts. It also offers possibilities of projects to engage residents in a process of accountability, in their own eyes and in those of others.

Below, you will see the construction progress from September 2011 to June 2012.

Being a sponsor means positioning yourself as an enterprise that is active in the community, giving a future to those living in difficulty with the present, using your reputation for a good cause while giving your employees the opportunity for an enriching citizen experience.

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