DSC_0022-300x198Our goal is to help our users make progress, day by day, towards building healthy relationships and eventually re-integrating the workforce whenever possible. Since one of the first steps in the reinsertion process is securing stable housing, the acquisition of rooming houses and apartments is a natural extension of our reinsertion efforts. This greatly facilitates our goal, which is to help our residents become responsible citizens vis-à-vis themselves and others.


The 1245 de Bullion

Built in 2011, only a few feet away from our Day Centre, the social housing building of Le Sac à dos contains studio apartments for 15 individuals. The tenants benefit from community support resources which are designed to help them in maintaining their apartments and continuing their reinsertion process. Since these studio apartments are eligible for the rent supplement programme run by the Office municipal d’habitation, the tenants spend only 25% of their income on rent, to which an additional $30.90 per month is added for cable service and insurance.

On September 6, 2011, the building located at 1245 De Bullion was demolished and construction begun on the new premises housing the 15 studio apartments; the official opening of the new building took place in March, 2012.

Our 2012 fund raising campaign “Un toit pour toi” brought in enough money to allow the final work on the studio apartments to be completed and the administrative details to be put in place. The first group of 15 tenants moved in to the Sac à dos studio apartments on June 12, 2012.

 appart sac a dos (1) appart sac a dos (2)

The 1339 de Maisonneuve East

In 2014, Le Sac à dos purchased another property and adjacent parking area on De Maisonneuve Boulevard East. The goal was to Sac-à-dos 20 janvier 2017 006siteconvert the entire area into a social housing project. The work, begun in 2015, involved completely gutting the insides of the building and taking down the western wall in order to connect the building to the new wing that would be built on the parking area. The completed building now occupies the entire available space. The first tenant moved into a studio apartment in the completed building in June, 2016, and the official inauguration of the new social housing complex of Le Sac à Dos took place in May, 2017 in the presence of representatives from all three levels of government.


The 222 Sainte-Catherine East

Realizing that our day centre premises are no longer adequate, in January, 2017 Le Sac à dos purchased a building located at the corner of Sainte-Catherine East and Sainte-Élisabeth. This new acquisition was made possible thanks to the support of a programme of the federal government: Homelessness Partnering Strategy. 2018 and 2019 will be spent in funding and developing this new project. Once the work has been completed, the Day Centre will move to the new premises and will then enjoy twice the space it presently occupies, allowing us to better serve our users. The upper floors of this property will be converted into social housing units.